...full of Japanese culture, but still welcomes a diversity in the people...

One of the core values of Sokosf, whether if we know it or not...is "family."  We are loving this #sfjapantownstory family reflection from Jen Hiramatsu.


Being a SF native born and raised (Pilipino American), Japantown has been a part of my life since my high school young adult years till now when I’m growing my family. My best friend who is Chinese American and I have ties to Japantown through Taiko, and my husband through the Japanese friends and business owners in SF. Japantown is full of Japanese culture but still welcomes a diversity in the people who live, visit and support it. It means the world to me that my children have a resource for food, friends, culture that represents them as Japanese in new and traditional ways.

What I want to see is a continued interest in families and young people who respect and support the need for Japantown.

Thank you to Jen and her awesome fam for sharing their community story. 

If you want to share your Japantown story, email sokosf415@gmail.com